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In the rich intellectual tradition of Philadelphia, philosophy has played a vital role ever since delegates to the Constitutional Convention debated in City Tavern.

Today we find a larger number of colleges and universities in the greater Philadelphia region than in any other American city, and their programs in philosophy are diverse and nationally recognized.

Building upon this tradition and diversity, Michael Krausz (Bryn Mawr College) and Joseph Margolis (Temple University) together founded The Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium (GPPC) in 1980.

Today the GPPC continues its work by fostering cooperation among philosophers throughout the Delaware Valley and sharing the insights and methods of philosophy with a larger public.

The GPPC offers varied programs to scholars in the humanities disciplines and opportunities to a larger public for interaction with leading researchers in philosophy and related disciplines.

Among our ongoing programs:

  • An annual series of half-day Conferences on widely diverse topics, bringing nationally and internationally recognized scholars in philosophy and the related disciplines before a diverse audience of faculty, students, and interested members of the general public.
  • A series of Public Issues Forums directed to the campus communities and the general public on topics focused on deepening critical thinking in all aspects of educational life and exploring vital topics in public life.
  • Several Discussion Groups in selected philosophical areas in which faculty members, graduate students, and others gather to discuss recent scholarship and their own work in progress.
  • An annual, student-run Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.

The GPPC is governed by representatives of the member institutions who serve on its Board of Directors.

The GPPC operates under the auspices of the Greater Philadelphia Human Studies Council.

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